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Min Bet: $10

Max Bet: $200

How To Play

- Select the ANTE circle and place a wager using betting chip buttons, or click the REPEAT button to repeat wager from last hand. Clcik ANTE circle again to clear wagers.

- Once an ANTE wager is placed, the player can select the BONUS circle to place an equal wager on the Bonus Game (optional). Click the DEAL button to finalize the wager, and recieve the first card dealt face-up.

- The player can select the OVER 23 circle or the UNDER 18 circle based on whether the 3 card total will be over 23 or under 18, and an equal wager is placed in the circle selected. The player can also surrender the hand by clicking the FOLD button, and will only lose the Ante wager. The remaining 2 cards are dealt face-up.

- Payouts for the Ante wager and the Over/Under wager are even money. The Bonus Game is independent from the Over/Under Game, and the payouts are listed below.